Featured Composition: Argentinean Suite for solo vibraphone by Pablo Bagilet

Take a trip south with Pablo Bagilet’s Argentinean Suite. Pablo now is a doctoral candidate at Michigan State University, but his vibraphone solo will take you back to Pablo’s childhood in Santa Fe, Argentina. Pablo has spent most of his life growing up, performing in, and teaching in Argentina, and this suite is infused with the bright melodies and lively rhythms of his home-country.

In addition to the sounds of Argentina, Pablo’s solo also incorporates a sad Argentinean tale. The third movement of the suite tells the story of a poor girl who sings while begging for money in the street. The performer is instructed to place coins on the vibraphone bars that correspond to the notes of the girl's sweet melody. Then, the performer has the ability to decide her fate (whether she survives or dies from a tragic shooting) and adjusts the coins accordingly (they fall, from her hand, to the ground if she dies).

This is a great, virtuosic (10 minute) work, and it is written in a marimba-esque style, with quick permutations. To hear an audio sample of Argentinean Suite, click HERE.