The Ethos Series

Bachovich Music Publications is proud to announce The Ethos Series!

Over the past decade, the Ethos Percussion Group has commissioned and premiered more than 25 works for Percussion Quartet. These diverse compositions reflect Ethos' interests in both contemporary and non-Western styles, and they have been regularly performed by the ensemble on its national tours.

Bachovich Music Publications is proud to team up with the Ethos Percussion Group to release these works to the world, for the first time ever, in print!

To learn more about the Ethos Percussion Group, take a look at their website at

Featured Composition: In Other Words for Solo Percussion and Tape by Joseph Pereira

In Other Words (written for Chris Lamb) pairs percussion with exotic languages (recorded on tape) in three continuous movements. In each movement, the percussion parts help "translate" and highlight the quintessential aspects of each of the associated languages: pandeiro with Japanese; brushes on drums and cymbals with Portuguese; gongs, bongos, woodblocks, and claves with Mandarin. The unique pairings of exotic percussion with each language creates a whole new colorful sound world in this great solo percussion showpiece. For more info, click HERE.

Featured Book: Advanced Rhythm Studies by Samuel Solomon

Samuel Solomon's book Advanced Rhythm Studies is a great resource for learning and building up the skills to play complicated poly- and syncopated rhythms. The book drills the rhythmic "vocabulary," using marching as a rhythmic reference. The rhythmic studies are challenging but are approached in an accessible manner and built up gradually from basic patterns. Using this book will help all percussionists gain proficiency with complicated patterns and make them fun to play. A percussionist's must-have. For more info, click HERE.

Featured Media: (DVD) A Rhythmic Murder Mystery by Wes Crawford

"Hello, I'm Phineas Bodie. Most people call me P. Bodie. The envelope I'm holding contains the missing note from John Cage's piece, '4'33" of Almost Silence'. There are powers that will stop at nothing to keep me from delivering this envelope to the proper authorities. In fact, I'm being followed at this very moment. I must leave immediately!"

Alas, these are the last words of P. Bodie (played by Wes Crawford). Now it's up to you to solve the mystery and recover the "missing note!"

Wes Crawford's A Rhythmic Murder Mystery (DVD) is an interactive rhythmic adventure. Play along and use your active listening skills to find the clues hidden in the recorded performances to solve the musical murder mystery. The DVD--adapted from Crawford's live Murder Mystery performance--and is a great tool to teach listening and is fun for all. Can you solve the mystery? To purchase, click HERE. To see some clips from and learn more about the DVD, click HERE.

Featured Composer/Arranger: Alexandre Lunsqui

Brazilian composer Alexandre Lunsqui (Sao Paolo) graduated from the University of Campinas, and he has pursued post-graduate composition work at the University of Iowa, Columbia University, and IRCAM. Alexandre's works have been performed around the world and in prestigious new-music festivals (including Darmstadt and PASIC). The Ministry of Culture of Brazil awarded the Virtuose Prize to Alexandre for his compositions.

Bachovich carries a variety of Alexandre's compositions. Try SHI for percussion trio, Rupturas duo for vibraphone and piano, and Ligare for flute and percussion. Make sure to hear the world premiere of Alex's newest piece Entresons.Recreo for percussion sextet, at PASIC: Thursday, November 12th, 2009, 10am - Northern Illinois University Percussion Ensemble. Good luck Alexandre!

Highlights (November)

~Bachovich @ PASIC 2009!~

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~Learn From The Best: See Bachovich arranger and timpani soloist Jonathan Haas in his PASIC Professional Development presentation: "Starting, Maintaining and Growing a Percussion Rental Company" - 3PM, Thursday Nov 12th, PASIC

~Watch The Best: See Bachovich composer and Afro-Cuban percussion guru Rolando Morales-Matos jam with Tommy Igoe's Birdland Big Band - 8pm, Saturday Nov 14th, PASIC


~Bachovich Welcomes NINE New Composers in November:

-Glen Velez - Sol Tunnels for percussion quartet (The Ethos Series)
-Trey Files - see/change for percussion octet (The Ethos Series)
-John La Barbera - MarimBa Ba Suite for percussion quartet (The Ethos Series)
-Robert Levin - Break it Down for percussion quartet (The Ethos Series)
-Matthew Welch - Loch Fyne Variations for mallet quartet (The Ethos Series)
-Wang Guowei - Two Pieces for Percussion Quartet (The Ethos Series)
-Tom Nazziola - From Here to There for percussion quintet
-Sean Statser - Entanglement for marimba duet
-Patrick Bailey - Journeys for percussion ensemble

~Other New Exciting Publications Available this month:

-Rancho Jubilee for cajon trio by Andrew Beall - WATCH THIS PIECE LIVE AT PASIC!! (New Literature Session with Brett Dietz and L.S.U. - Thursday, November 12, 4pm)
-Entresons.Recreo for percussion sextet by Alexandre Lunsqui - WATCH THIS PIECE LIVE AT PASIC!! (Greg Beyer and N.I.U. - Thursday, November 12, 10am)
-Danza Del Fuego for solo marimba by John La Barbera
-Four Pieces for Solo Vibraphone by Larry Spivack
-Bagatelles for solo vibraphone by Joseph Pastor
-Lament (for American Casualties of War) for 2 trumpets, snare drum, and timpani by Joseph Pastor
-Disco Generation for percussion ensemble and rhythm section by Yves Carlin
-Young Generation for percussion ensemble, guitar, and bass guitar by Yves Carlin
-The Boy with the Black Mallets Trio for percussion trio by Yves Carlin

~Transferring Publishers: Thanks to Tom Nazziola for publishing his From Here to There with Bachovich! (Recently published with GoFish).

~We've Gone Global: Bachovich continues to expand, with sales in Japan, France, Belgium, England, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, China, Taiwan, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Hungary.