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2010 Santavich Holiday Special (FREE STUFF!):

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~Thank you for visiting us at PASIC 2010! This was by far our best year, and for that we'd like to reward you! This special is good until Dec. 31st. If you order by December 18th, you should receive your order by Christmas.~

Featured Composition: Argentinean Suite for solo vibraphone by Pablo Bagilet

Take a trip south with Pablo Bagilet’s Argentinean Suite. Pablo now is a doctoral candidate at Michigan State University, but his vibraphone solo will take you back to Pablo’s childhood in Santa Fe, Argentina. Pablo has spent most of his life growing up, performing in, and teaching in Argentina, and this suite is infused with the bright melodies and lively rhythms of his home-country.

In addition to the sounds of Argentina, Pablo’s solo also incorporates a sad Argentinean tale. The third movement of the suite tells the story of a poor girl who sings while begging for money in the street. The performer is instructed to place coins on the vibraphone bars that correspond to the notes of the girl's sweet melody. Then, the performer has the ability to decide her fate (whether she survives or dies from a tragic shooting) and adjusts the coins accordingly (they fall, from her hand, to the ground if she dies).

This is a great, virtuosic (10 minute) work, and it is written in a marimba-esque style, with quick permutations. To hear an audio sample of Argentinean Suite, click HERE.

Featured Book (plus DVD): Riq Instructional DVD and Book (Basics of the Middle Eastern Tambourine) by Yousif Sheronick

Basics of the Middle Eastern Tambourine DVD lets you work directly with virtuoso Yousif Sheronick as he demonstrates and walks you through the basics of holding and playing the Riq and embellishing Middle Eastern rhythms in various positions and styles. The DVD also provides exercises for developing your tones and building strength, and it includes two fabulous solos performed by Yousif. The accompanying book provides over 50 Middle Eastern rhythms (with multiple embellishments) to work on. Learn more about the DVD/Book HERE, and watch the videos below to get a sense of the great instruction and ability demonstrated in the DVD:

Watch this trailer for Yousif's DVD/Book

Watch here to get a taste of Yousif's solo style and masterful ability

Featured Media: (CD) Behind the Mask by Tribal Sage (Javier Diaz)

Behind the Mask is the debut CD release by Tribal Sage, which features NYC percussionist/composers Javier Diaz (a Bachovich favorite!) and Roger Squitero. This genre-blending release brings together elements of jazz, electronica, New Age, Afro Cuban Rumba, and tribal World Beat grooves in this creative collaboration. The album highlights other great musicians (including Bill Evans on Sax, Toyin Spellman on English Horn, Lincoln Goines and Mark Egan on Bass) and features beautiful songwriting, exotic vocals, virtuosic percussion, and electronics. Listen to audio samples HERE and purchase this great album from Bachovich (a perfect holiday gift!) right HERE!

Featured Composer: Robert McClure

Robert McClure is one of Bachovich's most diverse composers. Robert is currently pursuing a DMA in composition at Rice University, where he is a TA in the Rice Electronic Music Lab. His diverse array of compositions--electronic and instrumental--have been accepted to festivals around the country and performed by musicians of all ages (from young students to professionals).

Robert’s marimba-percussion duo Go! won 2nd Place in the 2008 Ironworks Percussion Duo Composition Competition and helped introduce Robert to BMP. Bachovich also carries Robert’s ...of the Earth for percussion quartet and two very unique solo works: A Natural Regression (for solo marimba and solo prepared vibraphone) and Integrated Elements No. 3 ‘Divide by Five’ (for gyil and fixed media), which has been selected for performance at the SEAMUS 2011 conference at the University of Miami from January 20-22. [The gyil is a West African pentatonic “xylophone.” See the image below, which features Bachovich composer Valerie Naranjo.]

Robert’s portfolio includes a variety of interesting works available at Bachovich. For more information and audio samples of these works, click on their titles above. Happy Holidays Robert, and good luck in 2011!

Highlights (December)

PASIC was a huge success for Bachovich! Thanks to you, sales were up 50% from the previous year. That's why we are able to extend to you:

The 3rd Annual Santavich Holiday Special! (see details at the top of the page!)

~Bachovich Welcomes New Composers:

Luis Rivera
Prelude #4 for marimba and vibraphone (Chopin)
Pascal’s Motor Rhythms for percussion duet
Additive Music for vibraphone
Trois Nocturnes (No. 1) for marimba quartet (Chopin)
Quartet for Metal and Wood for 2 vibraphones and 2 marimbas
Three Marimbas for marimba trio
Vheissu for percussion quintet and piano

Pete DeSalvo
Sleigh Ride for mallet quartet (and optional percussion trio) (Leroy Anderson)

John Hadfield
(CD) The Eye of Gordon
(CD) John Hadfield: Displaced

~Other New Works from Your Favorite Bachovich Composers:

-V. Naranjo/A. Beall: Gmeng Se Na for solo gyil and chamber orchestra

-Gene Koshinski: Additive Method of Two-Mallet Study

-Pablo Bagilet: Baires for solo vibraphone and tam-tam

-Stanley Leonard: (CD) Acclamation

~Glass Jungle: Andrew Beall's CD Glass Jungle is now available on iTunes!

~New Website: Check out Bachovich composer and PAS Hall of Famer Stanley Leonard and his new website:

~New Project: Matthew Welch's Blarvuster project--"the hidden nexus of Celtic and Balinese traditions"--can now be heard on its debut CD on the Tzadik label. Check out the CD and the Blarvuster website now.

~On Broadway:
Javier Diaz is now playing percussion on the new Broadway show Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown , and Charlie Descarfino is playing on the new show Elf.

~We've Gone Global: Bachovich continues to expand, with sales in Ireland, Lithuania, Costa Rica, Japan, France, Belgium, Poland, England, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, China, Taiwan, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Hungary.