Featured Book (plus DVD): Riq Instructional DVD and Book (Basics of the Middle Eastern Tambourine) by Yousif Sheronick

Basics of the Middle Eastern Tambourine DVD lets you work directly with virtuoso Yousif Sheronick as he demonstrates and walks you through the basics of holding and playing the Riq and embellishing Middle Eastern rhythms in various positions and styles. The DVD also provides exercises for developing your tones and building strength, and it includes two fabulous solos performed by Yousif. The accompanying book provides over 50 Middle Eastern rhythms (with multiple embellishments) to work on. Learn more about the DVD/Book HERE, and watch the videos below to get a sense of the great instruction and ability demonstrated in the DVD:

Watch this trailer for Yousif's DVD/Book

Watch here to get a taste of Yousif's solo style and masterful ability