Featured Composition: Uncompression for multi-percussion duo by Ming-ching Chiu

Ming-ching Chiu's Uncompression for multi-percussion duo was the Winner of the 2008 Ironworks Percussion Duo Composition Competition. Ming-ching Chiu is enthralled by the amazing processing capacity of computers and, in this piece, tries to imagine and "capture what goes on within a computer when it is unzipping a file." The three movement work utilizes set-ups of un-pitched percussion--featuring bass drums, toms, cymbals and gongs, pedals, mounted accessories, and an assortment of toys--to depict the inner-workings of computers. Its intricate and complex, with textures both delicate and thunderous. This is one groovin' computer! For audio and video samples of Uncompression (from all three movements), click HERE.

Featured Book: 10 Style Studies by Joe Tompkins

Joe Tompkins' 10 Style Studies for solo snare drum examines the unique characteristics of different drumming traditions (including Scottish drumming and fife and drum), each in its own solo. This book preceded Tompkins' popular Nine French/American Rudimental Solos; it is a more rudimental-style book but is still applicable to all drummers alike. To purchase another snare collection from today's most prominent solo snare composer, click HERE.

Featured Media: (CD) Charles Owen: Marimba Solos Performed with the "President's Own" Marine Band

This month, Bachovich features percussion-guru Charles Owen and his CD of Marimba Solos Performed with the "President's Own" Marine Band. A legendary percussionist featured with a legendary band! To hear a sample of Charlie Owen's marimba performance of Chopin's Grande Valse Brillante, click HERE.

Featured Composer/Arranger: Axel Clarke

Axel Clarke makes up half of the IronWorks Percussion Duo (the other half is Dr. Dave Gerhart, CSU Long Beach). Axel teaches with Gerhart at Cal State University, Long Beach, where he also completed his BA and MA in Percussion Performance. Axel has performed and recorded with the Long Beach Symphony, Long Beach Ballet, South Coast Symphony, Luis Conte, Ray Holman, Michael Spiro, CK Ladzepko, Sara Haze, Skanic, Chelsea Lena, The Kim Richmond Jazz Orchestra, The Robin Cox Ensemble, DMP, Next Exit, Coto Normal, Mehdi, Stephen Hartke, and for Discovery and Animal Planet documentaries. Like his playing and his compositions? Check out his large percussion ensemble work Bombasticus Cacophonosaurus (intermediate, 10 players) and his trios (for un-pitched percussion) Roe-Sham-Beau (based on the West African rhythm Abekwa) and Juggernaut. Thanks Axel!

Highlights (March)

~Drumming in NYC: The 2010 PAS NYC Weekend of Percussion (Feb 19-21) featured Bachovich Artists Frank Epstein, Wes Crawford, Jonathan Haas, Sean Statser, Javier Diaz, and Andrew Beall. Watch the video from Andrew Beall's Rancho Jubilee for Cajon Trio on YouTube.

~Green Day: Bachovich Composer Trey Files is the drummer for the new Broadway production of Green Day's American Idiot, which opens this month.

~Competition: The IronWorks Percussion Duo & The Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach are holding their 3rd Annual Composition Competition (2010). For more info, visit the Ironworks Percussion Duo online.

~New Bachovich Compositions this Month:

-2010 MassChap Xylophone Collection, compiled by Samuel Solomon

-Stanley Leonard - March & Scherzo and Madras, timpani solos from a legendary timpanist.

-Gene Koshinski
- Capriccio, viola solo by Henry Vieuxtemps, transcribed for solo marimba.

~We've Gone Global: Bachovich continues to expand, with sales in Japan, France, Belgium, Poland, England, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, China, Taiwan, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Hungary.