Featured Composition: Uncompression for multi-percussion duo by Ming-ching Chiu

Ming-ching Chiu's Uncompression for multi-percussion duo was the Winner of the 2008 Ironworks Percussion Duo Composition Competition. Ming-ching Chiu is enthralled by the amazing processing capacity of computers and, in this piece, tries to imagine and "capture what goes on within a computer when it is unzipping a file." The three movement work utilizes set-ups of un-pitched percussion--featuring bass drums, toms, cymbals and gongs, pedals, mounted accessories, and an assortment of toys--to depict the inner-workings of computers. Its intricate and complex, with textures both delicate and thunderous. This is one groovin' computer! For audio and video samples of Uncompression (from all three movements), click HERE.