Featured Media: (DVD) A Rhythmic Murder Mystery by Wes Crawford

"Hello, I'm Phineas Bodie. Most people call me P. Bodie. The envelope I'm holding contains the missing note from John Cage's piece, '4'33" of Almost Silence'. There are powers that will stop at nothing to keep me from delivering this envelope to the proper authorities. In fact, I'm being followed at this very moment. I must leave immediately!"

Alas, these are the last words of P. Bodie (played by Wes Crawford). Now it's up to you to solve the mystery and recover the "missing note!"

Wes Crawford's A Rhythmic Murder Mystery (DVD) is an interactive rhythmic adventure. Play along and use your active listening skills to find the clues hidden in the recorded performances to solve the musical murder mystery. The DVD--adapted from Crawford's live Murder Mystery performance--and is a great tool to teach listening and is fun for all. Can you solve the mystery? To purchase, click HERE. To see some clips from and learn more about the DVD, click HERE.