Featured Media: (CD) John Hadfield: Displaced

John Hadfield’s is extremely excited to announce the release of his second record, which is entitled Displaced. For this new album, he has composed four original pieces "1213," "Module," "One" and "Cyclical." The compositions are all written for percussion and electronics, inspired by instruments he has discovered during his travels as well as by the noises produced by found objects and aleatoric weather patterns. The instruments on the record range from gender wayang to springs, lions roar, kanjira, gongs, and electronic sound manipulation.

"1213" was instigated by the displacement of the rhythmic interval of 1213. It utilizes Balinese gamelan instruments, a large plastic tube, bells from India, numerous drums, gongs and rattles.

"Module" was written for a hybrid drum set with springs, glockenspiel and aleatoric samples of the weather outside my New York apartment.

"One" is a duet with amazing percussionist Satoshi Takeishi drawing on a South Indian Korvai with extended improvisation.

"Cyclical" is a work for solo bicycle with electronic manipulation and sounds by Abelton wizard Harold Bott.

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