Featured Book: A Percussionist’s Handbook by Peter Saleh

Peter Saleh’s book A Percussionist’s Handbook is not a method book, but a hands-on, no-nonsense practical resource for teachers and performers serious about their craft. This 100+ page text is a result of years of experience in the trenches of student and professional situations and favors a direct conversational tone. When one stops and thinks about that prospect, the possibility that one should rely on a traditional method book as the sole written resource to prepare a percussionist to be an effective musician seems unreasonable. Even the best snare drum book used by the best teacher cannot always help the student when he is put into an unfamiliar musical or logistical circumstance. This book is intended to help fill the holes that can be left between the musical and the practical.

A Percussionist's Handbook has been used for instruction and supplemental materials by Ithaca College, Rutgers Youth Percussion Ensemble, the Central Jersey Youth Percussion Ensemble, Ithaca College, the Juilliard Pre-College, the North Carolina Governor's School, and Global Percussion, Inc and has assisted many student percussionists in realizing the practical, yet less commonly discussed elements of their craft.