Highlights (October)

~Bachovich Welcomes New Composers/Arrangers:

-Andrew Kruspe/Matt Jordan with their 2nd place DCI percussion ensemble arrrangement of Oliver Rivo's "Er Sammelt Muscheln"
-Jared Soldiviero and his groovin' multi-percussion duet Palindromes
-Pablo Bagilet and his heart-wrenching Argentinean Suite for vibraphone
-Tizoc Ceballos and his award-winning multi-percussion duet Ollin
-Rich Greenblatt and his 3 hot jazz vibes CDs: Mooin', Hot & Dry, and Hat Trick

~Other New Exciting Publications:

-Rancho Jubilee for cajon trio by Andrew Beall
-Advanced Rhythm Studies by Samuel Solomon
-500 4-Surface Patterns for 4-mallet and drum set applications by Samuel Solomon
-Variations on the First Three Pages of George Lawrence Stone's Stick Control by Samuel Solomon
-Repousse for percussion quartet by Joseph Pereira
-Wanderings for percussion quartet by Daniel Temkin
-Why Has the Hunter Not Returned? for marimba duet by Joel Harrison (1st place winner of the Ironworks Percussion Duo Competition)
-Sufficiently Funky for solo snare drum by Danny Soulier

~Transferring Publishers: Thanks to Robert McClure for publishing his "...of the Earth" with Bachovich! (Recently published with GoFish).

~On Broadway: Congrats to Bachovich composer Charlie Descarfino, who's the percussionist in the Broadway revival of Ragtime, starting this month!

~Teaching up a Storm: Congrats to Bachovich composer Joseph Tompkins, who's now teaching at Mannes College of Music (as well as heading up the percussion department at Rutgers University).

~We've Gone Global: Bachovich continues to expand, with sales in Japan, France, Belgium, England, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, China, Taiwan, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Hungary.