Featured Composition: Song of ‘Almah - Andrew Beall

"Beall has found the key to composing for marimba and soprano"
~PAS News
"Strong, honest, and musically sincere"
~Gordon Stout

3 Versions!
1. Marimba & Soprano
2. Marimba & Cello
3. Marimba, Soprano, and Strings

Watch the premiere (marimba and soprano, with strings):
-Movement 1
-Movement 2
-Movement 3

Andrew Beall’s Song of ‘Almah is a moving three-movement work, based on the text of the Biblical “Song of Solomon.” The soprano (or cello) part is lyrical and virtuosic, and the marimba alternates roles between rich accompaniment and solo melodic voice.

The Song of ‘Almah was originally conceived for voice (singing text from the “Song of Solomon”), but the passionate timbre and soulfulness of the cello proved a perfect instrumental substitute for the soprano. The arrangement with 5 string parts adds further depth, drama, and lush accompaniment, which can be performed with full string orchestra or a simple string quintet. For more information on Beall’s Song of ‘Almah and for audio samples of all three versions, click the following links: marimba and soprano, marimba and cello, marimba and soprano with strings.