Featured Media: (CD) From The Earth: Drumming with the Hang - Rolando Morales-Matos

Rolando Morales-Matos is a prolific composer (in addition to being a busy performer!) and is a mainstay in the BMP E-News Features section. This time, we feature Rolando's CD From the Earth: Drumming with the Hang. The CD consists of all original solo percussion works (by Rolando) and featues Rolando performing on hang drum (a metal, tuned drum, played with the hands, that is acoustically similar to a steelpan). His compositions and performance on the CD have impressed musicians of all backgrounds, like legendary jazz bassist Ron Carter:

"I was stunned by the musicianship, the compositions, the fantastic recorded sound, the performance. Bravo Mr. Morales-Matos!!"

and percussion guru Bob Becker:

"Either the Hang Drum was made for Rolando Matos, or he was made for it. The songs on From the Earth are lovely and Rolando's playing is scintillating."

The hang drum, the newest rave on YouTube, is finally featured on a studio album. This is a must-have solo and world percussion CD. Take our word for it, but the music speaks for itself. For more information, click HERE.