Featured Composer: Duncan Patton

Duncan Patton is the Principal Timpanist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and co-chair of the Percussion Department at the Manhattan School of Music. Before performing with the Met, Duncan played with a number of orchestras and chamber ensembles and he performed in a duo with marimba soloist Mayumi Sekizawa. Bachovich publishes two marimba-timpani duets by Duncan--Gemini Return and Primordial Variations--written for Mayumi and Chris Lamb, respectively. These are challenging works that both contrast and blend the timbres of the instruments and require a high level of technical ability and ensemble playing. Duncan also has a short timpani solo [6 minutes] entitled Two Interludes, taken from his larger work, Fierce Murmurs, for timpani and percussion ensemble. For exciting timpani and percussion writing from a great timpanist, look to Duncan Patton.