Featured Book: The Additive Method of Two-Mallet Study by Gene Koshinski

Gene Koshinski’s new book, The Additive Method of Two-Mallet Study, is designed to address a variety of two-mallet technical challenges that are often neglected for more popular 4-mallet practice. By analyzing the major works for two-mallet keyboard percussion, Gene identified twenty distinct technical challenges present in the repertoire and designed a collection of associated exercises. Each exercise utilizes an “Additive Method” (adding one note at a time) to help develop ability with scales that does not focus on playing them in their entirety.

In addition to the large collection of exercises, Gene’s method book also includes practice routines and charts, an annotated list of accompanied and unaccompanied two-mallet repertoire, and a grid that details which of the technical challenges are found in each two-mallet work. This is a great, new book and is ideal for not only mallet soloists but all percussionists alike. For more information, click HERE.